Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A little twisted

I took the original and modified it my way keeping some of the original pieces untouched as they were integral for keeping the song together.. Why did I do this? Well…

1. I love Kanye as he is probably the most influential hip hop artist to hit the music industry in the past 5 years. And if you don’t agree you probably don’t know much about hip hop. Minus the money and the ethnic background he and I are very much alike on how we approach life both with our mind, mouth, and soul.

2. I love this song to death cuz it’s probably the realist most passionate shit he ever wrote

3. I was bored the other night and I have to find different ways to entertain myself artistically by doing things other than creating C# programs.

So, I know this is probably lame on some level to some of you, but I thought it was kind of cool
I do what I want, bitches. You really have to know the original lyrics and the remix to truly appreciate the mods. Love you Mr. West.

La la la la
Wait 'til I get my money right

I had a dream I could buy my way to America
When I awoke I spent that on 12 hours of flight
I told my friends in letters I'd be back in a second
As a teen it's so hard not to act reckless
I was given a lot and for 26 years I was tested
Got arrested, guess then he got the message
I feel the pressure, under more scrutiny
And what'd I do? Act more stupidly
Bought more toys? Smoked tree
Still my mama was a good influence to me
The friendship drama, people avoiding me
I'm on Paul's camera talking like it's just you and me
I'm just saying what's on my mind man
I ain't one of the patients, I ain't go to heal man
I guess the money should've changed him
I guess I should've forgot where I came from

La la la la
Wait 'til I get my money right
La la la la
Then you can't tell me nothing right?
Excuse me, was you saying something?
Uh, uh, you can't tell me nothing
You can't tell me nothing
Uh, uh, you can't tell me nothing

Let out the automatic doors
This is my life buddy, you decide yours
I couldn't tell you if Jesus died for us
But I could tell you who decide wars
So I back-in that motherfucker sideways
Old folks talking about back in my day
But buddy, this is my day
Class started 20 minutes ago, damn again I am late
Know I already graduated
And you can live through anything if my grandpa made it
They say I talk with so much passion
OOH, they don't know I am the latest fashion
Don't scratch my back if you're gonna stab
Then say some apologies like you in rehab
Let me know if it's a problem then
Aight buddy, call me then

La la la la
Wait 'til I get my money right
La la la la
Then you can't tell me nothing right?
Excuse me, was you saying something?
Uh, uh, you can't tell me nothing
You can't tell me nothing
Uh, uh, you can't tell me nothing

Let the vodka splash
Let that man close his tab, let that man get past
He loves not to stop and keep on the gas
Yea, yea, Yea, buddy this a theme song
If he can move through life, he can ride to heaven
Cause how he groove in a club full of No's?
How he stay faithful on the floor full of hoes?
Must be the king cuz he moving in to his throne
heart not of stone and brain grown
Treasure, what's your pleasure?
Life is a bitch no matter how you fuck her
So if the devil wear Prada, my girl wear nada,
I'm in between, but way more soulful
and I try with little effort
but if you try hard,
That's when you gain hard
Ya'll homies thinking like "Why God?"
I used to reminisce over you, my God

La La La La (Hey!)
Wait till I get my money right
La La La La (Yeah!)
Then you can't tell me nothing, right?
Excuse me, is you saying something?
Uh uh, you can't tell me nothing (HA HA!)
You can't tell me nothing
Uh uh, you can't tell me nothing

First I get my money right
The I get my fun on
If I always want to have my drink on on
$100 jeans on, do that mean I dream wrong?
And I was high as strides
We sailed the ship on Caribbean tides
We were fly, even though we ended
And it don't matter if she turn me down cuz
When I get my money right she gonna come running
And she'll giigle like Google with extra "i's"
Some dudes try to whisper too many lies
I stay focused on her eyes
In Miami clubs you need to bring some extra hoes
Not in tank tops, tell them wear some sexy clothes
I have no game and my chain is small
Damn, Dre would you change anything?
But (If I had a billion dollars)
I'd buy more button downs and pop those sleeves
Nicky is attached, her nickname is Femur
Maxima need company too, her nickname is Bimmer
"Wait till I get my money" everybody motto
So I am gonna need bravo for all the code I wrote
yeah, hey mama they can hate him
Cuz after all the drama, they just fade in

Friday, December 21, 2007

Why I hate Xmas

Here are top 3 reasons why over the years as I have gotten older and have grown to hate Christmas as holiday

1. It's a commercialized holiday in which people through the power of materialism express their love and care for others by purchasing gifts just so they can say I care about you because I bought you a gift. It shows the true careless and selfish nature of humans battling through stores and traffic grabbing gifts like there is no tomorrow and fighting people over who gets what like its the last drop of water left to drink. Meanwhile there are wars, starvation, withering environment, and government corruption going on around the world.

2. It depletes all productivity from work as people just become absolutely careless and lazy.

3. It's an excuse for people to spend time with their family because there needs to be some sort of celebratory event just to spend time with their family.

Please don't ask me about Xmas and what gifts I got because I don't care about people giving me gifts, it's fucking stupid. Having friends and family that care about me is that gift. And spending good time and sharing memories with them throughout the year is all I need. One day out of the year is not going to make a difference, seriously.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Will never forgive or forget. Go to Hell

"No End in Sight" a disturbing documentary about how Bush and his administration DESTROYED a semi stable country, KILLED U.S. soldiers, and DEPLETED funds from U.S. on a wasted war that was decided by several very stupid FUCKING PEOPLE WHO SHOULD BE IN JAIL FOR
FRAUD AND CORRUPTION costing this country an estimated 1.8 trillion dollar.

I hate you Bush and I hope you go to HELL for what you have done to this country

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Go Bucks

Even the little guy has the school spirit. I keep them trained pretty well

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Weekend Recap

It has been a disappointing football weekend for the state of Ohio, but overall it was a fun one. Ohio State lost their run for the championship to an unranked team, but I still love them. Browns lost a close one to the Steelers, one day we will have that revenge win. It was an eventful weekend filled with working on my house, thesis research paper, and partying in Akron. Spent a day down in the dirty A (a.k.a. Akron) chilling with my 330 family. Hanging out at Portage lakes occupied with Xmas Ale, NBA 2k8, Bud light, good laughter, delicious food, and football. I was the grill master for your tasty hot dogs and burgers, came home and crashed for 4 hours and now I am rooting for the Cavs to beat the Clippers.
Happy Veterans Day.
One Love to all the soldiers in Iraq.
Rest in Peace my grandpa who was a soldier in WII

I have no class tomorrow YES!!!


Monday, October 22, 2007

2 Billion Dollars a Week

Oh my fucking GOD ! 2 billion dollars a week. The nerve to ask for more money someone get this dumb fuck of a president as far away from the white house as possible.

This asshole said and I quote
"the money will cover basic operating expenses, plus additional armored vehicles and countermeasures designed to protect U.S. troops from roadside bombs"

Why don't you save us all the money that we need back in this country to support our own people who are living in poverty and improve our infrastructure and salvage the lives of innocent soldiers and put an to finito on this pointless war.

I mean seriously, I HATE him with a passion, and I promised myself not to dedicate any more blogs to that piece of shit, but I can't help it, I have to let it out. I cannot wait until another president takes over so I do not have to see his monkey ass face anymore or listen to his bullshit.

3834 DEAD in Iraq War
2974 DEAD in 911 Attack

Who is the real terrorist here?

I like you Republicans but you guys got screwed by this dude. Now you have to invest a lot of time and rebuild your image.

Hopefully this will be my last quick rant about this piece of shit for a while...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

broken radio

OMG America the fucking wizard from Harry Potter is gay.
Who the fuck cares!!!!!! People wake up.
If brainless cowboys can run I mean ruin the country we can have gay wizards

Hey hey hey it's okay to be gay
who you have sex with is your choice
exercise your liberty have fun and play
gays are happy America rejoice

Wait... I believe we have a wizard who has power of removing countries with a bunch of magical lies, but he is not gay
beep beep beep
On a side note FUCK PRESIDENT BUSH up his asshole with a barrel of oil that is covered in blood of American soldiers.

It's because of single minded and selfish retards like you everyone in this world now hates us.

Any American citizen who supports President Bush and his war in Iraq should be shipped to Iraq and put in combat regardless of your age. We will then see how quickly you will change your mind. It's nice for to sit here on your fat ass watching FOX news while people are getting killed so you can go to work the next day and stop at McDonalds for a nice fat juicy burger.
In most other countries you have no choice, but to enlist in the army and fight in war if necessary and and if you refuse you get sent to prison.

I support the war on terrorism because it's an effort to eliminate evil, but not the war on oil money which by nature brings more evil.

This message is brought to you by
Generation Y radio
WDRE 81.4